Algo Trading: Our Orca Model Descriptions and Results


 Orca is Cap Bon's proprietary trading system. It is best to trade it as a swing trading system as that was its first intent, however with the proper adjustment it could run on a higher frequency time frame e.g. day trading and HFT or used for long term investments. 

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Back Testing: Techniques and Reports


As part of developing Orca Trading Systems and other trading models and strategies we done extensive in sample and out of samples back testing analysis over the years, hence we thought sharing our expertise with our client could be both a good business ideas and mentally rewarding.

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FDC: Our FX & Crypto Trading Technology Partner


FDC's product suite comprises cost-effective yet sophisticated enterprise technology offerings which facilitate access to the retail and institutional spot forex, CFDs and Crypto markets for brokerages of all sizes and revenue model. FDC's crypto-related solutions allow market participants to buy and sell in a regulated, secure, and compliant manner.

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Trading Services


  With the help of our partner FDC we are offering Jurisdiction licencing and Liquidity services e.g. our partner FDC already done over 30 broker-dealer jurisdictions licensing in order to maximize on business and leverage globally.   

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Trading News


In this sections major market moves will be shared and some of Orca Trading Signals will be shared freely.

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Customers have questions, we have answers. 

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